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Savvy mumpreneur appears on A Current Affair!

By February 10, 2020March 8th, 2020One Comment
Jo Burgess A Current Affair

Australia’s ‘organizing mama’, Jo Burgess, recently appeared on A Current Affair, sharing why she created the Life Sorted app and how you can use it for your family.

The segment featured some apps for time-poor mums, created by time poor mums to help you organized this year. Brisbane mumpreneur, Jo Burgess, is the creator of Life Sorted – one of the highest-rated family organiser apps on the app stores.

Jo realised she had to make a change after struggling to keep up with her busy family life, while also running her own business.

That’s when inspiration struck and she created ‘Life Sorted’.

Life Sorted is the ultimate shared family calendar app, created to reduce stress and overwhelm around family scheduling, through increasing productivity and improving family communication.

On Channel 9’s A Current Affair, hosted by Tracy Grimshaw and interviewed by Pippa Bradshaw, Jo explains why she created the Life Sorted app, and how you can use it to organize your busy family.

Interview Transcript:

TRACY GRIMSHAW: Welcome back, desperate times call for desperate measures, for these savvy mums that meant inventing their own apps to organize their family, book baby sitters and safe rideshare lifts for their kids.

GUEST: If you’ve got one or two kids, you can’t be in all places at once.

JO: I was just losing it, I wasn’t able to keep anything under control and I was forgetting things and it was getting very stressful.

GUEST: We’ve got babysitters that will drop and be there within 2 hours, so yep Kiddo’s got everyone’s back.

PIPPA BRADSHAW: They’re the time-poor mums who made their own solutions to their problems and now they’re sharing them with you.

JO: I actually couldn’t believe that nobody had solved this problem, I went looking and it actually took 3 years before I actually took action.

PIPPA BRADSHAW: Jo Burgess runs a busy home with 2 teenage kids and her own business. She was struggling to keep up with everyone’s schedule.

JO: It came during a particularly busy time in my life where I was juggling all the things with the kids, all the different extracurricular activities.

PIPPA BRADSHAW: That’s when she created Life Sorted

JO: It’s essentially a shared family organizer and it does everything from a central calendar, so everybody in the family can add all of their events and everybody can see what everyone else is doing.

PIPPA BRADSHAW: Like the old desk calendars, Jo has brought it into the 21st century, making it easily accessible online, her app offering reminders on appointments, shopping lists and todo lists.

JO: All the green appointments or events are Billy’s and orange is Carter.

PIPPA BRADSHAW: So this is the latest update to the app as well.

JO: Yes so what we’ve done is introduced this ‘At a glance’ dashboard, so it just sort of pulls in all of the most important stuff. And if I’m at the shops I can quickly click on the shopping list and see all the things that we need to buy.

PIPPA BRADSHAW: It costs just $5.99 a month for the whole family since Jo’s launched last year she’s now helping 10,000 families stay organized in more than 8 countries.

JO: That’s what I want to do is help families, all over the world, to be less overwhelmed and live more in the moments and enjoy their busy family lives.


So, are you ready to become more present with your family by decluttering your mind? We’d love you to take Life Sorted for a test run with your family.  Download your free one month trial of Life Sorted today. If you’re already enjoyed the way Life Sorted is streamlining your life, we’d love to hear about it. Share your feedback with us in the comments below.


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