Shared family calendar and organiser app


    Shared family calendar, to-dos, birthdays and shopping lists


    Shared family calendar and organiser app

Ever wish some days you could just stay in bed?

Life can get a little bit crazy sometimes! Between work, appointments, school dropoffs and mealtimes, it can be hard to catch a breath, let alone squeeze in some “you” time.

It’s no wonder some days you’d just rather stay in bed!

We hear you! You've come to the right place.

At Life Sorted, we believe that just living your life doesn’t have to stress you out!

Our beautifully-designed online app is designed to help busy families like yours stay sorted and keep connected with each other.

Everything you need to stay sorted, in one app.

Life Sorted gives everyone in the family easy, instant access to a shared lifestyle planner from their computer, tablet or smartphone.

It takes the family’s everyday tasks and combines them in one feature-packed app that includes a shared diary, birthdays and anniversaries, shopping list and to-do lists, and more



Life Sorted is the family calendar app that will change your life!

Life Sorted is the app you need to supercharge your organisational powers and help you and your family live a happier, less stressed-out life.

Sophisticated yet simple to use, this must-have app has been designed especially for busy families like yours. See how it can help you keep your life 100% sorted, today.


Taking everyday family activities and combining them into one easy-to-use app

Shared family diary

View and update the whole family’s events and activities from the one place.

Multiple diary views

Show and hide family members and choose to view your events in a variety of calendar and list options.

Repeating events

No need to re-enter regular activities – simply set them up to repeat.

Notifications & reminders

Never miss a thing with timely email and in-app notifications.

Terms & sporting seasons

Set up your school terms and sporting seasons and create repeating events within these.

Birthdays & anniversaries

Keep track of these important dates and choose who needs to be in the know.

To-do & shopping lists

Tick off tasks as you go! The perfect way to keep your family organised.

Sync with other calendars

Sync your work calendar to view everything in the one place.

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Keep everyone in the loop across all devices

Sick of relying on a paper planner to record where you’re at? Life Sorted lets you access your diary on the go, and works alongside you as your day progresses and your plans change. You can access Life Sorted from your computer, tablet or smartphone. Any changes you make will be automatically synced across your whole family’s Life Sorted app, so they can see what your plans are, no matter where they are.

Why busy families love Life Sorted

"I totally love this app. My husband and I can't imagine how we ever managed without it now. It has changed our lives for the better!"
Amanda Gallagher Busy working Mum with two gorgeous girls
"What I love the most about Life Sorted is that my children feel empowered and are actively involved in their own timetables. Brilliant tool!"
Paul Logan Happy Dad with four children
"Being able to see what the whole family is doing on my phone and update on-the-fly without making phone calls or texts is amazing!"
Laurice Burke Business owner and Mum with one teenager and two primary schoolers
If you're looking for a better way to manage your family's activities ... Life Sorted is for you!
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