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Shared family calendar.


When you create an event, you’ll be able to specify who is attending, who has been invited or who just needs to be notified. Life Sorted makes it easy to see at a glance who in your family is attending an event (or not), and who still needs to reply to an invite.

Multiple calendar views

View your calendar the way you like it. Choose from month, week, day or list views. All the information you need is accessible at the click of a button. You’ll totally love being able to see what every family member is up to at any given time using our unique side-by-side day view.

Reminders and notifications

Life Sorted automatically keeps your entire family in the loop, in real time. If you create a new event or to-do, or plans change. Your family will receive email or in-app push notifications at the right times so they always know what’s happening.


Adding note on events is a great way to provide your fam with extra details, such as what they need to bring along or who is driving. Notes are included in reminders and notifications making sure these don’t get missed.

Location links to Google Maps

When you enter the location for an event it will connect to Google Maps. This makes it easy for you to access directions and an accurate time of arrival when you’re in-between activities.

Predictive text entry

Hate typing on the teeny-tiny keyboard on your phone? Life Sorted uses its own specialised shorthand to help make entering new events a breeze. For example, if you type in: 3/10 swimming lesson at 2 for 30 mins jane jim, Life Sorted will know exactly what you mean!

Multi day events

Holidays, sleepovers, overnight shifts and school camps are just a few examples of events that span multiple days. Rather than having to creating many individual events, Life Sorted allows you to create a single event that extends across multiple days by specifying a start date/time and an end date/time.

Repeating events

Does your son have cricket training every Tuesday afternoon? Or do you have yoga every second Friday morning? With Life Sorted, you don’t have to re-enter events over and over again – it’s easy to make them repeat automatically.

Event clashes

If you accidentally try to create an event that clashes with another event, Life Sorted will warn you and let you choose whether to accept the clash, or choose a new time. If you often create double-ups you can choose this as a personal preference.

School terms and sporting seasons

Want to repeat a weekly sporting activity but limit it to a school term or sporting season?  Life Sorted provides you with the ability to create ‘terms’ – just setup once and utilised for multiple repeating events. Simple! You can setup the whole year’s terms and sports seasons in advance without the need to keep remembering these dates.

Linked to-dos

Whether it’s arranging a costume for a kids’ birthday party or making a salad to take to BBQ, every event seems to create work! With Life Sorted, you can create a to-do that is linked to a specific event. This helps you keep track of everything that needs to be done. You can choose from the built-in options such as ‘send an SMS’ or ‘buy a gift’ for birthdays, or you can create your own ‘things to do’.


Life Sorted lets you take a photo on your phone and upload it directly to an event, so you can get rid of all those bits of paper that clutter up your life. This is the perfect way to capture extra details of an event without having to type them in, such as a birthday invitation, or a bill that needs to be paid.

Event chat

Life Sorted provides an easy way to chat with the family about the details of an upcoming event, like who is dropping off or picking up, making sure everyone has all the info they need.

Calendar filters

Don’t really want to see everything your husband has planned for the weekend? Trying to turn a blind eye to your daughter’s social life (LOL!). No problem! Life Sorted lets you easily show and hide specific family members on the calendar, so you can declutter if you need some space and time just for you.

Event privacy

Everyone needs a little privacy from time to time, and you and the fam may not always want to share ALL your events, ALL of the time. With Life Sorted, you can create private events, and all details will be hidden from others who are not attending or FYI.

Sync other calendars

Switching between multiple calendars to check availability can be time-consuming, and those dreaded double-ups inevitably occur. With Life Sorted, you can sync your Google, Apple or Outlook work/school events, which allows you to really take control of your busy-life, in one central app.

Print outs

Sometimes, there’s nothing like seeing something on paper. It can be handy to print out your weekly schedule on a Sunday night and pop it on the fridge as another reference for the family throughout the week (especially the little ones who don’t have devices yet).

Access on all devices – desktop, tablet and mobile – means that everyone can access and update, no matter where they are.

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Shared to-do & shopping lists.


To-do lists are the perfect way to keep your family organised. You can start with our pre-set lists such as a shopping list or a list of things to do around the house, or you can create your own. You can give each task within a to-do list a due date and assign to-dos to yourself and other family members, who will be notified when a to-do is due.

Tick as you go

Keep tabs on your to-do list and keep everything under control by ticking things off as they’re completed, or deferring things you can’t get to in time. Once you (or a member of your family) marks a task as complete, you can choose to hide it from that to-do list.

Shared to-do lists

You can choose to view your family’s to-do lists in the way that works best for you, and switch between the different views at the click of a button. Choose to view to-dos by due date or list and sub-list.

Organise lists and sub-lists

You can start with our pre-set lists such as ‘shopping list’ or ‘things to do around the house’, or you can create your own. Sub-lists are useful to further groups your shopping items, tasks or things to-do – this is especially helpful for separating shopping lists by store.

Shared shopping lists

Shared shopping lists are super handy! Everyone can add to the list as they notice things that are needed. You can even create sub-lists for different stores making it easy to see what is needed at a glance. Once you (or a member of your family) visits the store and ticks an item off the shopping list, it will be crossed out (or disappear) letting everyone know.

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Birthdays and anniversaries.


You can create annual events such as birthdays and anniversaries and choose which family members need to be in the know. Everyone will receive a reminder on the morning of the special day. If the event description entered ends with ‘birthday’, Life Sorted will display a candle icon.

Who needs to know?

Never miss a birthday or anniversary again with reminders sent automatically from your Life Sorted app. You can set up email or in-app notifications to let everyone know about a special date coming up. You can even tailor reminders for individual family members separately.

Keep track of the years

Ever wished there was an easy way to keep track of how old your cousin’s oldest daughter is? Life Sorted lets you keep track of the years as they pass, so you will never miss an important milestone birthday or wedding anniversary again.

Linked to-dos

There are always ‘things to do’ for birthdays – whether it be ‘send an sms’, ‘bake a cake’ or ‘buy a gift’. Life Sorted lets you create to-dos that are linked to a specific birthday or anniversary. You can choose due dates for these to-dos ensuring you are reminded in plenty of time before the special day.

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