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21 powerful positive affirmations for confidence and self-esteem

By November 25, 20194 Comments
positive affirmations for confidence

They say being happy is a choice! So what better way to build your self-belief and increase self-esteem than with positive affirmations for confidence!

You know those short little pep talks you give to yourself when sh*t hits the fan? These are called positive affirmations for confidence.

Not only are they great for the healthy development of your own confidence and self-esteem but also your children’s.

Positive affirmations for confidence can be described as positive statements about oneself that can help overcome negative thoughts. By repeating them often, you will eventually start to believe them and start making positive changes in your life.

Do you remember when you were a young tucker, and your parents said something nice to you? Suddenly you felt all fuzzy and warm inside? YES!? 

My Dad used to ask my siblings and I everyday … “What are you?” To which we would reply in unison “Happy, healthy and positive!” It set the intention for each and every day. 

That’s the true incredible power of a positive affirmation for confidence. And if you don’t believe me, science even backs the transformative power of affirmation!

Scientific studies revealed positive affirmations has the power to reduce health-deteriorating stress and even linked to positive academic achievement

Not only can they be used on yourself but on your children! That’s why I recommend using positive affirmations regularly in your household!

Make an effort to use positive affirmations for confidence in your daily dialogue to maintain a healthy and happy household. 

As a mama, I’ve realised that it’s very important to reaffirm your love to your babes so they come to know how much you truly love and value them.

So naturally here are 21 examples of positive affirmations for confidence to use in your household!

// 1. You are confident!

To increase your confidence you have to start within, start believing in yourself and you will see your confidence levels rise to new heights. 

// 2. I love you! / I love myself

Obvious right? I’ve found this gets forgotten amongst the vortex of busy family life. Make sure to regularly remind yourself and your kids the power of LOVE, it’s a great morning positive thought you can use at the breakfast table.

// 3. You are powerful

You are more powerful than you think, this affirmation at the start of the day can give anyone the confidence to seize the day!

// 4.  You should be proud of yourself / I’m so proud of you!

Be extremely proud of each win along the way! I tell this to my children when they accomplish something big or small. I say each victory is worth a celebration, knowing they’ve made their mama proud will put a smile on their dial and boost their confidence.

// 5. I am fearless / You are fearless!

Affirm the inner strength within! A great positive affirmation for stress, once you know nothing can stop you, you can take on any challenge or start living your wildest dreams.

// 6. Good job!

Don’t forget to pair this with a pat on the back! Sometimes you have to stop in the eye of the tornado (busy life) and realise what a good job you’ve done!

TIP: Telling your child what a great job they’ve done whether it be with chores or a stellar report card will definitely boost their self-esteem!

// 7. You deserve this!

Perfect for when results start to show in your own life or children’s efforts. Open their eyes to the limitless power inside of them and assure this is the natural byproduct of hard work and efforts. 

TIP: A hard work ethic will carry them through life… make sure to be a model for them by demonstrating your own work ethic.

// 8. I love my flaws

Your flaws are what make you a unique human being. Never be ashamed for who you ARE…flaunt it baby!

// 9. We all make mistakes!

It’s okay to make mistakes… we all do! Once you know this, you will become more confident in risk taking and be well prepared for failure. This is a great positive affirmation for healing after a slip up at work or in life. 

// 10. I am limitless / You are limitless

Limitations only exist in your mind, once you remove these limitations imposed in your mind the world will become your oyster!

// 11. Believe in yourself / I believe in you! 

We all need someone to believe in us. This affirmation can go a long way, once you repeatedly hear this you’ll start to believe in your abilities and overcome any challenges thrown your way.

// 12. You can do anything you put your mind to!

Everyone has unlimited potential inside of them and can make their dreams a reality. Reaffirming this will open your mind to a world full of possibilities, like they say anything you dream you can achieve.

// 13. Step out of your comfort zone

As someone who loves to step outside my comfort zone, I can vouch for this and say this is a necessity!  When you start to take risks you will find yourself growing as a person.

// 14. You are a leader

Shift the negative thinking and start to tell yourself you’re a great leader. You possess the abilities to lead and inspire, it’s deep within you!

// 15. You don’t need to need to be perfect!

As a recovering perfectionist, I can definitely say perfectionism is overrated. With everyone’s life looking so polished on social media, perfectionism can be dangerous to our children’s minds. What they see online is filtered and far from the realities of life. Letting your child know life isn’t perfect, can be the perfect concoction to combat unhealthy perfectionism.  

// 16. You are so capable

You are divine human being capable of many wonderful things, never forget that. This affirmation is a great positive thought for kids to boost their self confidence. 

// 17. Everything will be okay!

Life isn’t easy and sometimes sh*t happens! But faced with a problem or tough challenge, you will always make it out alive. 

// 18. I am persistent!

If you are persistent enough in life you will get there in the end. Keep your head down, bum up and you’ll be surprised what you can achieve.

// 19. You are in control of your reality

Your reality is a result of your decisions and actions created in your mind. Once you realize the power of your mind, you’ll be unstoppable and start to create the life you’ve always desired.

// 20. You ARE enough.

Short and sweet, but oh so very powerful! As they grow and surround themselves with different types of people they will feel insecure. Make them feel good about themselves by reaffirming they are truly enough.

// 21. Everything is figureoutable

This affirmation comes from the amazing Marie Forleo and has been my mantra for the last five years. This can be used as a guide to solving the biggest problems and achieving your wildest dreams.

“The most powerful words in the universe are the ones you say to yourself.” Marie Forleo

And there you have it! 21 positive affirmations to speak in your household. Remember, your children aren’t mind readers, they need to hear positive affirmations from you every day.

Jo xo 

P.S. I’d love to know if you have any of your own positive affirmations? Drop a comment to let me know!

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