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The difference between Life Sorted and Google Calendar

By September 26, 2019October 11th, 2019No Comments
life sorted and google calendar

Life Sorted is the ultimate shared family calendar app. It helps you keep track of the family’s everyday activities and tasks in one convenient place. 

There’s a common misconception that Life Sorted and Google Calendar are alike in nature, but upon closer inspection these technologies are completely different. 

You see, Life Sorted was built from the ground up with  families in mind, whereas Google Calendar focuses more on managing an individual’s schedule. Google Calendar does not have the ‘technological guts’ to integrate all family members into one shared calendar.

We all know how hectic family life can be – right? And, as busy mama myself searching for a solution, there was no app on the market that could ‘do it all’, so I went out ad created one!

Quintessentially Life Sorted is a ‘centralized’ shared family calendar, created specifically FOR families!

Does this sound like your life?

  • You’re failing to manage multiple children’s schedules jam-packed with a gazillion extracurricular activities?
  • From school pick-ups to dentists appointments, you’re sick of making sure the hubby is *ALWAYS* in the loop – as hard as that sounds (trust me it’s possible!)
  • Constantly double booking yourself, forgetting your own appointments and catch ups with friends?

Well darling-heart, sweetest pea… I have news for you, the Life Sorted app can solve all of the problems listed above! And may I add in one nifty, suuuper stylish, visually appealing app accessible on ALL platforms! #winning.

At first you’ll notice the gorgeous interface which allows you to see the whole familiy’s schedule at a glance, or if you like you can toggle them off to see yours momentarily.

Life Sorted is razor-focussed on solving the intricacies of family scheduling challenges.

BUT, If you need a little more convincing to download Life Sorted, here’s 5 stand out features to win you over!

// 1. Tasks connected to events – Eliminate the ‘mental work’

Notice whenever you have an upcoming event, it creates a TONNE of work? And sometimes life becomes so hectic, you forget to do complete those ‘pre-tasks’. This mental slip, embarrassingly results in you forgetting to bring the ice to the BBQ (there goes the ice cold bubbles) or your child’s costume for book week (believe me it’s happened to me!). 

Life Sorted solves this issue by allowing you to create to-dos that are linked to a specific event. This will help you keep track of everything that needs to be done before and impending event. 

Life Sorted has some built-in options to prompt you, choose from things like ‘send an SMS’ or ‘buy a gift’ for birthdays, or you can create your own ‘things to do’. This is where Life Sorted shines as Google Calendar does not have this functionality.

// 2. Shared to-dos and shopping lists – Keep the whole family in the loop

Ever forget the darn milk, or your partner’s favourite wine for tea that night? That wave of anger that passes through your body as you walk through your front door. 

Not to worry anymore! Life Sorted to-do lists are the perfect way to keep your family organized. You can start with our pre-set lists such as a shopping list or a list of things to do around the house or you can create your own. 

You can give each task within a to-do list a due date and assign to-dos to yourself and other family members, who will be notified when a to-do is due. 

Or getting tired of your children’s good ole excuse ‘nothings in the fridge’? Solved! Prompt them before every grocery store visit, to add their shopping requests to the family shopping lists. 

Google has a separate application called lists outside of Google Calendar, this does not come close to the fully integrated functionality of shared to-do lists in Life Sorted.

Watch how to set up shared to-dos and shopping lists here.

// 3. Event chat communication – Streamline family communication

Family households are darn noisy! There are a hundred conversations going on at once, and trying to keep up and remember every conversation can be mentally exhausting. Each event, appointment, or date requires a conversation. 

Life Sorted provides an easy solution to chat with the family about the details of an upcoming event, via unique chat threads attached to each event.

This is handy for communications like, ‘who is dropping off’ or ‘picking up’, ensuring everyone has all the info they need. 

This makes it super handy if you need to message everyone at once, rather than sending several individual messages that take up time.

// 4. Side by side calendars – Check up on the family with a simple glance

A stand out feature of Life Sorted is the side by side calendar view. This view, allows you to see what every family member is up to at any given time even if you’re on mobile, desktop or a tablet device. 

This is perfect for when you’re in a rush and you need to mentally take note where everyone is. Life Sorted also allows you to view your calendar the way you like it, simply choose from the month, week, day or list views.

Being able to view your whole families schedule all at once is a super handy feature which attracts most people to Life Sorted, this highly intuitive feature is unavailable on Google Calendar.

// 5. School terms and sporting seasons – Be prepared for the busy school season

School terms and sporting teams are synonymous with busy family life. That’s why Life Sorted killer ‘School Terms and Sporting Seasons’ feature caters for these events. 

Want to repeat a weekly sporting activity but limit it to a school term or sporting season?

Life Sorted provides you with the ability to create ‘terms’ – just set up once and utilise for multiple repeating events. You can set up the whole year’s terms and sports seasons in advance without the need to keep remembering these dates.

Watch how to set up school terms and sporting seasons here.

Life Sorted, the ultimate family calendar.

So there you have it! No more wondering the differences between Google Calendar Life Sorted!

They’re completely different.

Life Sorted is designed for families in mind, handling multiple schedules all at once.

Whereas, Google Calendar is mostly for individuals.

If you’re still a little curious try our FREE 30-day trial for your family.

x Jo


Jo Burgess

Jo is the creator of Life Sorted, one of the highest rated family organizers on the app stores. She’s proud to be helping thousands of families live a happier life together, by giving them a way to keep their family’s events, birthdays, to-dos, shopping lists and reminders in one place.

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