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How to organize your home during the coronavirus pandemic

By March 27, 2020March 30th, 2020No Comments
How to organize during the coronavirus pandemic

As the Coronavirus forces families indoors, there couldn’t be a more appropriate time to reset your routine and organize your home.

In the same way that digitally organizing life’s events and responsibilities gives you peace of mind, so does organizing your home. 

Messy drawers, cluttered surfaces, and crowded closets undeniably contribute to feeling stressed out.

Maintaining an orderly house when life gets hectic with busy schedules is easier said than done.

Don’t know where to begin? Start small.

Tackle your bedroom, one dresser drawer at a time. Have you figured out the best organization method for tidying dresser drawers? 

Following the lead of people with great organization habits will give you the guidance you need. 

Let’s go over 12 easy habits that prove you don’t need to be Marie Kondo to create a more orderly living space. 

You can also check out the helpful visual guide I’ve created to illustrate these habits below.

// 1. First, empty everything

You might be nervous of emptying all your items from your drawers for fear of making even more of a mess, but it has to be done.

Clearing your drawers out all at once and thoroughly wiping them down is the best way to start the tidying process.

Clean every crevice to get rid of dust and gunk that may have built up over the months or even years.

// 2. Label every drawer

There’s no room for confusion when there’s a label for everything. 

Feel free to get fancy and decorative when creating your labels. 

Then, label your drawers by season, category, or whatever you prefer. 

// 3. Fold right away and don’t procrastinate 

Folding is easy when you know the items have a place to go, and it’s best to knock it out right away. 

If you procrastinate on folding, it’ll probably never get done (or at least it won’t get done neatly).

Try to place folded items in a way that allows you to see at a glance everything you have. 

// 4. Empty your laundry basket ASAP

Leaving your laundry baskets of unfolded clothes is never a good idea. 

When you revisit the task, you might even mix up which clothes are clean and dirty.

It’s worth it to invest that extra time to empty and fold your freshly cleaned items.

// 5. Clear off the top of your dresser

Are there miscellaneous items crowding the top of your dresser? 

Items tend to easily collect on open surfaces, so challenge yourself to keep your dresser top empty.

It will contribute to an overall more organized look.

// 6. Always make your bed

If there’s one thing you need to remember before you leave the house, it’s making your bed. 

Your bed is the pièce de resistance of your room. It affects the vibe of the whole space.

If you have trouble breaking habits, check out the 3-Day rule for creating or breaking habits.

// 7. Categorize your closet by color

Prioritize categorizing your closet by colour so it’s easier to find items of your wardrobe. 

You’ll be able to put together outfits more easily, and you’ll be more motivated to organize your drawers, too.

// 8. Don’t skimp on linen storage

Linen storage is often neglected. 

Invest in beautiful wicker baskets or other aesthetically pleasing storage containers to organize and store bedding, blankets, towels, etc. 

It makes a huge difference.

// 9. Get rid of things after 6 months

Unless you’re using something or wearing a piece of clothing all the time, you should probably toss it after 6 months. 

The 6-month rule of purging is liberating and makes space for new items.

// 10. Give yourself a junk drawer

Allowing yourself one junk drawer will help you maintain your sanity. 

Nobody’s perfect. Sometimes you feel like you need a home for the miscellaneous items you can’t categorize. 

Just be sure to go through and toss unnecessary items from this drawer every few months.

// 11. Declutter your calendar

With most of us in isolation, most events and important dates have been cancelled or postponed.

Now that you’ve got more free time on your hands, take this opportunity to declutter and update the family calendar.

Download the Life Sorted app on everyone’s devices and tell each family member to enter their new isolation routine and important dates.

// 12. Clean and organize your room weekly

Realistically, thoroughly tidying your bedroom weekly is a great goal. 

Make a routine out of it. 

Create an easy checklist to follow every time. 

Make it a fun process somehow. 

There are powerful positive effects when you focus on home organization. 

It’s a therapeutic process that gives you the chance to declutter your mind, too. 

Check out this visual that illustrates these habits you can adopt to create a more organized home:

how to organize your home

Sending my love and prayers to you and your gorgeous family – you’ve got this!

x Jo

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