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The cool way to store your loyalty cards

By November 2, 2017October 21st, 2019No Comments

I love a good loyalty program, like the next person. I mean, if you are shopping somewhere regularly, why not benefit from free stuff?

But, I hate having to carry around a bulky pile of plastic loyalty cards.

It literally got to the point that I could not close my purse I had collected so many! So, I got myself a separate little pouch for card storage. Even still, it took too long to find the right card at the time of a store transaction, that I often just didn’t bother.

Does this sound familiar?

Lovely store assistant, “Do you have a loyalty card?”

Me, in my head, “Yes, I believe I do, but there is NO WAY I am going to dig through my piles of junk in my bag to try and find it while the crowd behind me shoots daggers at me with their eyes…”

Me, speaking, “Nope. No card.”

Feeling frustrated by the fact that I was missing out on my loyalty rewards, I went searching for a better solution.

I came across a convenient and clever digital solution to store my loyalty cards called Stocard.

Stocard is a smartphone app available for both Apple and Android. The Stocard app has literally 100s of retailers all relevant to Australia (although they are still missing a few of mine, they are regularly adding new ones).

Seriously, it is so easy to transfer your physical loyalty cards into this app!

You just search for and select the retailer. Then, using the camera on your phone, you scan the barcode from the physical card. The loyalty number is then stored on to the app. You can even take a photo of the front and back of the card and store this within the app too.

This totally eliminates the need for the actual loyalty cards. Into the bin they can go.

When you are in the store, you can easily present your loyalty card digitally via the Stocard app on your phone and even your Apple watch. What???

So. Darn. Cool.

Now I’m able to collect all loyalty benefits and receive discounts straight away. And I can use my special ‘little pouch’ to store fun things – like jewellery or perfume for on-the-go freshen ups.

Stocard speaks to me. It’s simple, eliminates clutter and allows me to earn and redeem rewards without having to carry around those annoying cards.

Lovely store clerk, “Do you have a loyalty card?”

Me, in my head, “Nope. No I don’t.”

Me, speaking, “I have Stocard!”


PS.  Read this blog post to learn how to minimise and de-clutter your paper piles.

Jo Burgess

Jo is the creator of Life Sorted, one of the highest rated family organizers on the app stores. She’s proud to be helping thousands of families live a happier life together, by giving them a way to keep their family’s events, birthdays, to-dos, shopping lists and reminders in one place.

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