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Australian invention helps busy mums clear brain-clutter

By May 28, 2019October 21st, 2019No Comments
Jo Burgess Today Tonight

Brisbane Mumpreneur, and App Creator Jo Burgess, recently appeared on Today Tonight, sharing why she created the Life Sorted app and how you can use it to cull the brain clutter and be more present with your family.  

Life Sorted is a shared family organiser app, designed specifically to reduce stress and overwhelm around family scheduling, through increasing productivity and improving family communication.

For families with too many commitments and not enough time to do it all this simple app could solve your planning problems.

In this segment with Tiffany Warne, Jo explains why she created the Life Sorted App and how you can use it to declutter your mind.

[This is an abridged version of entire segment that appeared on Today Tonight Adelaide on 26 March 2019.]

Today Tonight Adelaide Transcript:

PRESENTER: They say a tidy home equals a tidy mind, but we all know it goes much further than that. Especially when you work, you’ve got kids and money’s tight. So here’s Jo Burgess with a few simple tips that can reduce those stresses and help you get your life back on track.

PRESENTER: It’s the current cleaning craze de-clutter your draws to de-stress your life, but from babies to budgeting burdens, it’s not just our homes that are in desperate need of a makeover.

JO: We’re just overloading our schedules with far too much.

PRESENTER: Now, the tips from everyday Aussies to transforming all aspects of your world, from your family to your finances.

JO: About four years ago, my life got next level hectic and I was juggling work, traveling for work, all of the kids gazillions activities and trying to get food on the table.

PRESENTER: For families with too many commitments and not enough time to do it all this simple app could solve your planning problems.

JO: The Life Sorted app is essentially a shared family organizer app. So it’s a place where the whole family can have all of the things around their scheduling, to do lists, shopping lists, birthdays, and all the things.

PRESENTER: With the entire household able to access the list. Everyone will be reminded of those chores big or small. When your mind is at ease, knowing that you’re going to get a push notification on your watch or your phone at just the right time, you’re able to let go of having to hang on to all of those thoughts.


So, are you ready to become more present with your family by decluttering your mind? We’d love you to take Life Sorted for a test run with your family.  Download your free one month trial of Life Sorted today. If you’re already enjoyed the way Life Sorted is streamlining your life, we’d love to hear about it. Share your feedback with us HERE.


Jo Burgess

About Jo Burgess

Jo is the creator of Life Sorted, one of the highest rated family organizers on the app stores. She’s proud to be helping thousands of families live a happier life together, by giving them a way to keep their family’s events, birthdays, to-dos, shopping lists and reminders in one place.

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