What sparked the idea for Life Sorted?

Life Sorted began life as the mere spark of an idea, when Jo Burgess was experiencing a particularly intense, jam-packed few months. With two tween-aged children, several businesses to manage, and lots of travel, Jo’s life was starting to get pretty hectic.


As an avid organiser and a lover of technology, Jo began searching for a way to help keep everything in her life under control. She wanted an app that her whole family could use, to communicate with each other and effectively manage everyone’s activities and tasks. There was, quite literally, nothing on the market that would help her achieve that goal adequately.

Where others might see a problem, Jo saw an opportunity. She knew she was not the only busy mum out there, and knew there were thousands of other families just like hers who would benefit from a piece of technology to help them take control of their lives.

Drawing on her extensive knowledge of software creation and commercialisation, Jo documented her requirements and began to design the features for a brand new app. Over the next three years, she kept the idea slowly burning away in her mind, keeping an eye on the market and continuing to refine her thinking.

In late 2014, she dusted off the old requirements document she had created, and was gratified to discover that they were still spot on. A few apps had entered the market by now, but they did not meet Jo’s high expectations. They were either too hard to use, visually unappealing, or simply did not have the features she needed.

She met up with her talented developer friend, Vince, and talked him through her idea. He immediately understood the need for a product like this, confessing that he and his wife also struggled to manage their family schedule. They, too, had tried a number of different apps, but nothing did exactly what they needed.

That very day, Jo and Vince realised that together they had the knowledge, skills and ability to create the perfect solution. Fast forward 18 months, and that tiny spark has turned into the Life Sorted app.

Read more about Jo’s story in her blog.

The Life Sorted creators

Jo Burgess

Founder, CEO

An avid organiser, lover of technology and a super-busy mum with two teenage children.  Jo is also an experienced business owner and leader with true entrepreneurial flair.

Vince Buttigieg

Founder, CTO

Vince is analytical, creative and passionate about building technology solutions that delight by truly making a difference in people’s lives. He is also a Dad with young two children and a busy family timetable.


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6 things to know about us ….


1.    We love what we do.

2.    We believe family comes first – always!

3.    We know we can simplify life for busy families.

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6.    We are grateful to be doing what we love.